Tara Bennett

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 Something Forgotten....

Ever found something?
Something you had long forgotten about?
Whilst on a sunny afternoon in spring,
Your engaged in a clear out?
You pick it up and examine,
Your surrounded by a bubbled memory,
Or maybe you don't even know what it is...
Maybe you found me!
I sound like an average,
I belong in a category,
You own me,
But you do not know me,
I may have entered at that time,
Into a childhood episode,
Or maybe later in your years,
I increased your load,
You may have forgotten where you found me,
You may not care,
But you will recall my name again,
When you fall beyond a vacant stare,
There i will be, gathering dust,
For maybe a year or two,
But one day when you cross my thoughts,
I come flowing back to you,
The shadow in which i once stood,
Will be overpowered by the light,
You will smile and signal me,
And i will be there, that very night.

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