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Green Eyes

I pity you really.
You cannot help what you feel.
I'm sure with your tactical methods,
Your disappointment will heal.
I'm sorry that your failing,
That your life is worth s?*t,
Feel free to pass judgment,
For your the ideal life critic,
Your neglect is understandable,
Your jealousy foreseen,
For my own benefit obviously,
Your interference is keen!

But let me ask you..
Before you patronise... WAIT!
Look for the reason,
As to why it's me you hate?
Your most likely to find,
That it is because I'm still standing,
Way above you,
Despite of the hanging!
Apologizes for not rocking to my doom,
Beneath my lonely sheet,
Forgive me for stepping beyond your equator,
Of where fantasy and reality meet!
Seriously though...Your opinion..That's all it is..
But it is not you i stand for..
I accept your green eyes are powerful and vibrant,
So f#*k off and whisper more!!!!

Tara Bennett

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Green Eyes



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