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Slip Into the Shadows

Again I must slip into the shadows
Finding myself loved by so many
To those I try to become of friends
They see something in me
I fail to see myself, and it becomes a love
A love of a person born of pain
But yet they hold tight
Staring me down through any rain
They try so hard to make me see
But I do not desire the ways they wish
I want to be a friend to all
Can't see the person I desire in front of me

So again I slip into the shadows
To keep from them suffering a pain
A pain of something loved
And not being loved back
In the form they desire
I am a stray
Brought into everyone's lives
I help for a little
But to much time causes harm
They say I am so easily loved
So cute in my quirky lil ways
This is where it begins to fall apart

Again I must slip into the shadows
Because as they try to keep from falling
It happens time and time again
A love blooms day in and out
Lovers wanting that same love in return
And this shadow cannot give it back
It's not that I don't want to
But I'd rather not ruin what I have
Which this is the double edged sword
Because what I attempt not to do
Those hearts become glued
And when I attempt another; again it parts

So I am slipping into the shadows
Until a few certain someone's are ready
So that they do not suffer as I have
Because the worst thing ever
Is to love something so much
And to not feel the same love in return
But don't fret my friends
Because I always say
“I'll love you deeply til the day I die as a friend”
Always in my heart there is a special spot
Though I am hardened on the outside
I am soft to my friends on the inside

So as I begin to slip
Please remember although not loved
Like you'd wish would be done
I still love you
Just on another throne
All pedestals fall over time
Unless propped up by ones we love
And to that I will be
The keeper of your base
When the world starts to shake
I will slip out of the shadows
To bring you back to the great

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Slip Into the Shadows




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