Straight To The Heart

Hallowed Ground

Now I lay me down to rest
I place my hand upon your chest.
It is so hard for to close my eyes
Because of fears that I will die.

I'm not afraid God will call me now
It's more a matter of exactly how.
For at this moment my mansion's not ready
So I need to have faith and remain steady.

It's just the fear's that get to me
Relating back to so much tragedy.
Death will take us one and all
And we have no choice but to heed the call.

But every day is a mystery
Like the dark of night and the deep blue sea.
Spinning around on this tiny blue ball
Waiting, just waiting to answer His call

When God comes to claim my soul
There is no question, I will go.
I'll be with Jesus that's the plan
With only His footprints in the sand.

He'll put me down, the  final step
For I'll no longer need the help.
Now next to Him I'll walk around
Right by His side, on Hallowed Ground.

So if I should die before I wake,
My soul is God's, it's His to take.
Don't send flowers, send balloon's for me
I'll be with God, and finally free.

© Sherri Whittaker

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Hallowed Ground

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