Pete's poems from the night.

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Daylight breaks the plates of dreams
Eyes wince from the pain of a din
Lips move to speak to no one
Another night alone, a day beginning.

Rolling over my sea bed of dreams
Sinking lower under shifting sands
Reaching down to sunken memories
With a hint of excited expectations.

Give me time to reaffirm my dreams
Don't tell me all was vanity and unkind
Allow me a while in my lingering muse
To delay I know what I see is real.

To put off today for tomorrows dreams
I would give you the words I keep inside
For they haunt me aging body and soul
Where dwells a dying heart in the night.

All is now quiet and still in my dreams
For the words I gave made no sense
So now I emerge to float in the sea
Without you to release my existance.