He and his so called roommate are the epitome of Satan
They stay together while I'm here waiting
For him to be with me
Ain't gonna happen in this reality

She says she's a God-fearing woman
Her Sunday's at church keep coming
While he says he's not into the lord
He stays away from me to hoard

Her so called peace and quiet
While I deem it's time to riot
And right now I wish they both would die
Because they're together and to God they lie

He says he loves this woman here
And to me it's very clear
That I am just someone to use
For sex, and they way I serve him booze

I have given all I can
To try my best to convince this man
That a life with me would be kind
While he's there in his chair behind

Her bedroom door
They're both the devil's store
Spending all of their blood money
In Satan's house where they think it's funny

That I am out here in pain
They think I am insane
But insanity is not for me
It's them alone where I am not allowed to be

Together alone meant for each other
He's a liar his deeds smother
All the love here in my soul
Sends it down to the devil's hellhole

No more of me he will see
As selfishness is his reality
No Friday nights of affection
He will never give me correction

All his life he lives with his ugly Marie
He again will not have the sweet of me
He can keep her and her house and her yard
Then when he decides to be hard

Go to her you're both of sin
Slip it in her you're both kin
Stay selfishly alone together
Hold out for the stormy weather

While I will bask in God's sunshine
Feel the emotions of my divine
And no matter how difficult life is this time
There is a man for me who'll rhyme

Everyday and every night
Not like your fire that's hell's only light
I am glad you're both Satan's seed
Growing nothing in the deed

Of living with your so called roommate
Where both of you can contemplate
That you're grown up and oh so cool
That God's eyes are closed and you can fool

Him, when he knows you're both a lie
And all you do is sit and die
In a life that's full of hell
Grow larger, sicker, pray to tell

Someone like God that it's all okay
You can have another then go away
Back to the place where ugly grows
You can hide it from me, but God knows

And to hell you both will go
Selfishly both your hearts will show
That caring for another is not your plan
You're all just two alone in Satan's land.

8/10/2005 1930 cj

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