Pete's poems from the night.

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A walk in the woods.

WUnder a ceiling of oppressive cloud
The night brings out a doubtful fear
Movement is momentary, peripheral
With subtle sounds to think you hear.

Eerie harmonics of a chill wind, playing
Icy fingers penetrate cloths to stroke skin
Trees toy at shadow play in the gloom
Twisted anew with every bolt of lightning.

Thunder swells, rolling over failing nerves
Riding up your spine with a banshee wail
Footfalls increase with clumsy momentum
As upon a ship in a tempestuous gale.

Unseen eyes watch your progress, hungry
Twigs are snapped to keep your attention
Sensing the heightened heartbeat of fear
Sending out to others a bloody invitation.

Like all good things this playtime must end
Suddenly the wood is quiet and deathly still
The moment of insanity, a pearl in the oyster
As bursting from story books we become real.