Beautiful Disaster


My world
Is a cruel world
And I wanna get out now
Wanna escape
But I'm locked up
Bent over from the weight of the shackles
The more that I struggle
The heavier they become
I need to get out now
Before its to late
But I can't seem to find the key
To release me
Won't you help me
Search the world with me
To find that one key
That will open all the locks
And set me free
Can't you see that I'm dying
Slowing falling apart
Don't you see the shackles
Breaking the skin on my back
Or are you blind to it all
Like the rest
Do you only see a slightly disturbed child
Help me
I need to escape now
Before its to late
What's that
Someone coming
Carrying with him a key
He unlocks the locks
And releases me
Removes the shackles from my back
Dresses all the wounds I have
Then he takes those heavy shackles
The ones that bound me for so long
And he
Wrapped them around him self
Locks them on
And throws away the key
And he looks at me
With sad eyes
And tells me
I am free
He took all my burdens
And placed them on his own shoulders
He is dying in my place now
He is dying, while I go free
My burdens are killing him
My struggles
My pains
My sins
My shames
Upon this mans back they lay
They'll scar him forever
He doesn't call out for help
He doesn't cry out in pain
He slowly slips away from me
So that
I can be free

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