Please oh please oh Michael I pray
Give me a sexual fantasy soon
The one where a school girl I play
Sent to the strict principal for showing my moon

Where you bend me over your knee
And lift up my skirt
Take the belt that says Candy
Tell me it will hurt

Spank me on my ass
Until I am begging and crying
That I'll wear under panties to class
Or another visit I'll be buying

As I plead my remorse
The tears run down my cheeks
Take me in your arms of course
'Cause it will ache to sit for weeks

Tell me it's for my own good
You really hate to punish me
And you wouldn't if you could
Then hold me close to you so tenderly

Kiss my hair and pet it too
Then go down on your knees
Let me see those eyes of blue
As I tremble to your tease

Then do with me what you will
And do it with your manly part
Please this fantasy do fill
I can't wait for it to start.

5/4/2005 0720 cj

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