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 Mrs Purvis

Mrs Purvis played the slide trombone
Naked but for three kerchiefs made of silk
Strategically placed to hide her blushes
As she poured the tea and passed the milk
These vicarage soirees passed the time
But yet at times could be a chore
Especially if one of her kerchiefs slipped
So perhaps she showed just that bit more
Than was really correct
And polite - ical
For a vicarage
Trombone recital
The trouble was Mrs Purvis
Was a devotee
Of the famed and loved
Gypsy Rose Lee
And when all the ladies had gone
And she was alone
She did a strip routine
With her trombone
For all the remaining gents
To pass the time till they went
Mrs Purvis aint your normal Vicar's wife
But it takes all sorts in this life
And the collections have grown and grown
From her recitals with her trombone
Some of the parishioners were a bit aloof
Til the soirees went and paid for a new church roof

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