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Dragon Days

The stables stretch gloomily yawningly empty
Carefully cleaned and tended each single day
As they have timelessly been keeping pledge
Ever since the Royal Dragons had flown away
Through that gaping rift suddenly riven in the sky
Black at its centre then shading slowly off to greys
Hovering there menacingly yet doing no harm
The ancients said it was foretold in earlier days
Announcing an end to one realm of time
As the sacred prophecies solemnly said
For all things must pass as it is written
A new order comes to be in its stead
The squadrons had circled in final salute
Climbed fast and sure in that dark sky
Purposely and steadfastly heading for
That sinister revolving coal black eye
Without a pause they entered and were gone
That maelstrom replaced by much missed sun
Birds started singing in the gentle light
No doubt folk felt a new order had begun
And so it has been for many years past
The world moved on nearly as before
Nothing seemed to change
Except dragons were no more
Returned to their own kingdom
To their own fabled land
From where in exile they had
Long been banned
Until the punishment purged
So the story is told
They returned to their glory
And kingdoms as of old
The stables are almost forgotten
And dragons are become stuff of legend
But the stalls are still waiting clean
In case there is written an alternate end
For the big Fire Lizards
To return and fly
Once more gracing
Earth's blue sky
Returning to that forlorn place
An almost ethereal state of grace

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