That Nurse Barbie's got it made
She has several Ken's who've paid
For her to drive a new car everyday
She's a nurse who gets her way

That Nurse Barbie has blond hair
A perfect figure everywhere
What's sad is that she has brains too
Behind her flirting eyes of blue

That Nurse Barbie's kind at heart
Perfectly made her every part
She went to Harvard and to Yale
And if we ask her she will tell

Us all about her upscale life
While we all struggle in the strife
Of trying to get by day by day
She's very rich with time to play

That Nurse Barbie knows how to please
Patients and staff she'll tease
Make you feel good as you can
Then she'll take away your man

That Nurse Barbie has her Ken's
But she wants all the world's men
Why should she be such a hero
When down there she has a zero

That Nurse Barbie's anatomically incorrect
She flits around dressed fully decked
We other nurses are all just fools
Besides Nurse Barbie writes the rules

That Nurse Barbie can bring back
A heart that's having an attack
Or if a stroke you're going through
She'll pull your brain out of that too

That Nurse Barbie won't compromise
God made her the perfect size
There is nothing that she does lack
Except a hole in the front and the back

That Nurse Barbie's full of grace
Perfect smile on a perfect face
We want to say that we don't care
While she makes our lives a hell right here

That Nurse Barbie could join us in the fire
For her to go to hell our greatest desire
Angel of mercy she stands in black
If she went to hell, the devil would send her back

That Nurse Barbie's from the divine
All of us she'll always outshine
A living doll made for perfection
Maybe she'll be all our correction...

8/22/05 1755 cj (inspired by Barb Stuvland)


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