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A Unicorn's Tale

When Noah builded his ark
He builded it well and good
Using as per the instructions
Only the best Gopher wood
But in his rush to finish
Poor old Noah went and forgot
To carefully inspect each plank
For such a thing as a knot
The schedule he'd been given
Was really very tight
And all things considered
He got most of it right
They'd been afloat
Less that a week
When a knot he'd missed
Slowly started  to leak
Outside the waters were rising
Like they were inside too
And Noah had the problem of
Knowing just what to do
Its just a lie about him
Forgetting the unicorn
He grabbed it by the nose
And sawed off its horn
Which was the right shape
Consistency and size
To very quickly stop
The inner water's rise
Instead of a unicorn
They had an animal quite new
Which after much thought?
Old Noah call the Gnu
After ages and ages
They stopped feeling mad
And they roam Africa still
Now just looking very sad
Cos unlike man they know
If it wasn't for their horn
The after flood world
Wouldn't have been born

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