You are losing me to another guy
Who says it's wrong you make me cry
He cares enough to rub my back
Says he loves me and will keep track

Of what this woman wants
Already his kind memory haunts
My racing mind this late night
Tells me I am fine and right

For him
Not a whim
Not a one night stand
He feels grand

That I came there
Where he wants to care
About what I say
I let him play

Me like a slow sweet song
It won't be very long
Until I realize I am self abusing
Staying with you and you'll be losing

All of me
Because he seems to see
I want to be owned
In only 48 hours he's shown

Me more kindness than you
What's a girl to do
But pray to God
I am not odd

He's not my race
He leaves a smile on my face
Will he make me realize
That I don't have to fantasize

About his caring attitude
He tells me I need to be pursued
Will he be the one to do
Until I forget all about you

Hold me in his warm bed
Fill up my thinking head
I want too much too fast
He knows some of my past

Even some of my fear
As I go to dreams and sleep
I pray to God in my soul deep
The same old prayer I always say

Dear God show me the way.

8/25/2005 0248 cj

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