Straight To The Heart

Empty Dream

It hurts
Sometimes there is nothing to feel
A broken heart
My sorrow began to spill

A life happy
An exit to wrong
My mind at ease
But voices still come

The room is empty
Except for a clock
The pendulum moves
Tick Tock Tick Tock

A bell sounds
My eyes open to find golden gates
Is this heaven?
I walk inside and look around

"Hello, are you there?" I say
No one answers
I go further
Into the almost glowing mist
A hand reaches out
Touches my arm
I turn to run
My head won't turn

"Who", I say
"Who is there?"
The hand lets go
I am a sleep no more

It was just an empty dream

©  copyright 2005 Sherri Lynn Whittaker 9-23-92

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Empty Dream

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