Poems for Lovers and Sinners 
  Oliver Plaice

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Two lonely lovers In the night

Abandoned and Ostracized from the world

Walking the streets all alone

Like they have done for a thousand years

There is no sleep

For these tormented beings

Only hunger to quench their thirst...

Along the dimly lit streets and alleyways

Prying on mortal beings they roam - But...

It may be Rat, Dog, Man or boy!

Those Demon Red Eyes glow before...

Their fangs sink deep into their victims neck

It doesn't matter about their screams

A vampire sheds no tears...

Their thirst for blood

Is strong through the night

When at last they've feasted

Full and true

They return to their secret place
  Away from the scalding sun
 They embrace each other
As a shaft of early sunlight
Narrowly misses their face...But
Illuminates the old crypt like a mirror...
Blood from the nights feasting drips
   Onto each others lips...
Goodnight my darling until tonight...

Both coffin lids slam shut just in time!


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