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 Earl Grey Tea

Mrs Purvis smiled at me
As we drank our Earl Grey tea
Unsweetened without milk so as not to waste
That unique and delicately subtle taste
Mr P had left I us alone
With of course her trombone
We not needing chaperone
Sorry to admit that after tea
Mrs Purvis sat on my knee
As we discussed the finer points
Of cooking best roast beef joints
Then in a moment of sheerest bliss
We both enjoyed a passionate kiss
And I stroked her behind
And she did the same to mine
We were heading for a fall
But decorum being all
Nothing progressed beyond  that
Soon after Mrs Purvis fetched my hat
And I sadly left her alone
Playing on her slide trombone
How I would welcome her into my life
Were she not the vicar's wife
I'd just loved the way she'd smiled at me
As we'd drunk our Earl Grey tea

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