It doesn't seem like long ago
That asked you for a date
The man I dreamed of so
I thought you were my fate

A year of us has gone by now
You've left me happy then sad
All I do is wonder how
I become so raging mad

It's because I love you
More than anyone
Even though you're still untrue
To me instead I'd wish you'd run

But no! it's home to her
And I am filled with hate
For you and the women that were
I slam shut this gate

Do not come into my garden
I don't want your feet killing flowers
You I cannot pardon
You have lost all and any powers

You had over me
They are now all gone
Just leave me to be
Without you gladly I'll go on

You're an obstinate butt
I am too good for your kind
I am sick in a rut
My love should have stayed blind

To thinking you're great
To dreaming you're for me
All you want to do is date
Then run home to Marie

I am not going to cry
Over a two-timing mean slob
You're a loser in my eyes
No more of my love you'll rob.

8/31/2005 2115 cj

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