Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

My rage makes a poem

There is no reason
To see myself as a stain.
No person to confide in,
Only the bitter entanglement
Known as your humanistic emotions.
Here I go, I'm scoffing at you!
But you're walking away from me.
I'm trying to harpoon you with
My scalding words, to no avail.
Why can I not break you
The way you always break me?
Why won't you cave?
I entertain notions of actually
Getting to you and it sends
Wavelengths of disgust to my bowels.
It doesn't take much to shame me,
You know that better than anyone
Having been a repeated offender.
Oh how I wonder how I can still
Love and appreciate you
When I'd rather detest, abhor you.
I simply cannot, there's no will in
Me for such heinousness.
I would love to injure your morals.
The way your aggression
Has deteriorated mine.
I can't keep throwing water on a fire
That is too big to be extinguished
By my mere bucket of water.
I just can't let my shell of existence
Get crumbled by your barrage
Of insults and demonic glares and I wonder
What the f**k did I do this time?
Why am I the only one left to suffer
From your veracious early morning verbal degradation?
I could die in this way,
It could end me in some way
And I let it get to me every time
Despite the overly aggressive warnings of others.
You build my rage up high,
Something that makes forest fires cower
And smolder out in a heaven of smoke.
I build up my persona to be bigger than you
But that only means that I'll fall harder.

August 29, 2005

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My rage makes a poem

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