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 Sweet Caroline

Mrs Purvis invited me to dine
Casseroled steak in red wine
Up there at the village manse
Where she did a seven veiled dance
Though fully dressed for all the time
Just performed a superb mime
Then soon after she'd done that
Donned her boots and hard hat
As Mr Purvis and me
Sat and drank minted tea
As he explained his Theories
Of the Albigensian Heresies
Mrs Purvis all this while
Had replaced broken tiles
On the high church roof but not alone
Had taken her beloved slide trombone
I could hear her playing there up high
As I shook hands and said goodbye
Once Mr P was out of sight
I blew her a kiss in the night
She rewarded this gesture of mine
With a burst of Sweet Caroline
Played as only she can
And I felt a chosen man
Felt I'd grown to fourteen feet
As I walked down that street
Listening to my as yet unrequited love
Playing for me from there up above
Improvisations slow and long
On the theme of that favoured song
What a perfect lady yet not at all aloof
Perched precariously there on that church roof

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