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 Long Wait (The Chronicles Continue...

My heart beats faster at the very thought of you

When you said you'd return

To take me to your kingdom

In the day I sleep...hoping

That you may come to me

       In my dreams -

I no longer eat or drink

There is no desire for it

       Only you...

At night I lay awake

Waiting for your visit...

       For your loving

When I stare into your eyes

I drown in my own happiness

And you draw me into your web of sin -

Those dark opal eyes burn...

Into my very heart and soul

Something I now don't posses!

When you kiss me I'm in another world

Burning, electrifying my whole body

       With the pleasures of Hell...

Then that bite, Ahhh, Hell indeed

I hold you tight for I don't want to let you go

       Dripping blood on my white gown...

       The dark lover has vanished...

       My long wait begins yet again  


Written 30th August 2005

copywrited 2005

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