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 His Final Hour...The Sagas Conclusion!Sweat

Sweat from my brow drips endlessly
I'm burning with fear from this place
       Yet my body is like ice

Eyes from every recess watch my every move
Scattering, as the flame illuminates these bastions of Hell

Under upturned pulpits
I search for this Evil
Where the stench is so foul
It makes one want to vomit
He like it that way...

I walk silently in this tomb
Of the un-dead searching

Under the alter
An upturned cross
Where else to lie in state...

As I gaze upon this Evil Prince
Serene, masterful, yet peaceful...
Should I be so cruel to do this thing?

Thoughts are flooding inside my head
As I pull out my instruments of torture, of death!
       Don't do it...Don't do it...

The pull of Evil against Good
Is so strong in this place
Time is running out
The sun is going down

What should I do?
My decision is final
Just before...just before

The sun disappears
I see the Evil One open his eyes
Blood Red, it's time...

I plunge the silver stake into his heart
There is an almighty scream
Which resounds around the hall
I strike the hammer twice again

This thing is dead
I seal the coffin
And in the morning it will be buried on Holy Ground.

As for me, I step out into the moonlit night.


Written 31 August 2005

copywriter 2005

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