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In Monsoon Rain
I remember like yesterday the day the rains came
Slashing the heat apart like a razor through silk
As easily as my blade in a fit of jealous rage
Slashed through that dress to her skin of milk

Leaving one delicate skin deep cut that bled
A slender thin ribbon of crimson finely down
And across the fitted sleeve and tight bodice
Of that fine high fashioned afternoon gown
And then the skies opened and the rains came
Like stair rods to the ground then bouncing high
As though their very force would carry them
Back from earth up into that sullen leaden sky

I think the cracks of thunder stayed my hand
Brought back a sanity and that saved her life
As I looked in horror at the blade I that held
The shock painted there on the face of my wife

There is a torture there in that dreadful heat
That saps body saps will makes tempers fly
Without the late coming of those rains
It would have been her certain time to die

Sometimes I think that life or fate
Or the gods or call it what you will
Takes great pleasure and seems
At times to take a perverse thrill
In pushing tolerance too the limit
As though playing a gambling game
So I remember with great gratitude
The day those rains suddenly came

Slashing the heat
Like a razor through silk
As she stood there
Nursing bruised skin of milk
In Monsoon Rain

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