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 Death in the Wind

Note: This is not a poem, just my view point of this tragic

The birth of Katrina, just a small harmless whirl wind in a
tiny rain storm, off the West coast of Africa, but as it

glides Northward over the warm waters of the Atlantic ocean where she’s
nourished and grows and grows. Her winds increase
in speed and voracity.  

A thousand miles away, the bustling cities of the U.S. Gulf
Coast are unconcerned with this fledgling storm. After all,
they had withstood the Revolutionary war, the Civil war
and many ocean born storms in its one hundred and fifty plus years.
Ten days later Katrina is a full fledge hurricane with sustaining
winds in excess of one hundred miles per hour as it sweeps out of the
Atlantic and quickly and angrily crosses the tip of Florida into
the Gulf of Mexico. Where her fury builds into the deadly winds of
a category five hurricane.  

The frail human beings escape as quick as they can to higher ground,
but as always the elderly, the weak, the very
young and the poor are left behind to face this killer
storm’s wrath, as they have no means of escape.

In the early hours of August the twenty ninth, Katrina
came roaring, crashing and killing onto the Gulf coast
of The United states of America.

Her fury was like no other in this century. Thirty five
feet waves crushing buildings, flattening homes,
killing almost every living thing in sight.
Then the unthinkable happens, the beautiful old Southern
City of New Orleans is flooded by the breach of the very dikes that
have protected her for years. In minutes, thousands of home and
businesses are inundated in the waters of Lake Pontchartrain,
up to and over the roof tops.
Thousands of  innocent, frightened, and vulnerable human beings are
trapped in their homes, many are to die there, many of those are
destined to die alone.    

The cries and moans of the survivors are heard around the world.
The beautiful old city of New Orleans is destroyed in a matter of
minutes, along with thousands of lives.

All the lives of these innocent survivors will be affected for years
to come.

Why did this occur?
Whose to blame?
What do we do now?

Questions which I have no answers, as I possess not the wisdom of
Solomon, but some say it’s the Government's fault. Others from the
far off lands of the burning sands, say it’s the Wrath of their Allah.
(As they smile)
There is plenty of blame to go around, take your choice.
The mistakes were serious and there will be long lasting
consequences resulting from those mistakes.
These mistakes must be corrected immediately, so they never
occur again.
This debacle did indeed occur and it's essential that the
cause be determined.  In my humble opinion, I think it’s because
in this region man has for years simply pushed the boundaries of
Mother Nature too far!  

If the proper precautions are not strictly adhered too,
history will be repeated in the region over and over again.
The winds of Katrina will be remembered for a long time to come
and the people of this country will never forget her
fury, nor will the world quickly forget the innocent souls
lost there.

There are innocent Americans suffering as I write!
I beg of you, if you have not, please make a contribution
to your favorite relief charity today!

Jackie R. kays

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