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 Lawrence the ever ready

The jungle drums have throbbed in Neasden
The message has swiftly spread about
So if you're travelling around the area
Its suggested you carefully watch out
For the call has been answered
The length and breadth of our fair land
Certain heroes not been found wanting
Back here at the nation's command
It started with just our Lawrence
But his example aroused many more
Now in the back streets of  Neasden
Camps our own elite camel corps
The camel's throaty braying
Out sounds morning cocks
And the borough has no need now
For any morning alarm clocks
They are dedicated veterans
Fierce warriors to a man
All there craving for action
Since this campaign began
It's a sight of  throat filling beauty
A hundred and thirty camels smart and neat
All drawn up in parade order
Down the whole length of our street
The nation owes it all to Lawrence
Who without any idle flaunting
Knew just where his duty lay
And was not found wanting

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