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All for a Couple of Missin' Stars...

They say, it takes the light from earth’s closes
star, forty trillion kilometers or four and quarter light-years
to arrive hear on earth.
They say, if our sun exploded, it would take eight minute
before we would know about it.
They say, there are billions of stars in one galaxy, and there’s eighty billion galaxies in the universe!
(Now let see…how many stars in all?
Anyone have a calculator?)

Now the big question remains;
When they were counting all those stars,
how can we be sure they didn’t miss one or two!
(You know the old saying...
"Good enough for Govermnet work!)

Now you know the Government!
This means a new count!
New Bureau Chief, additional funding,
additional personnel, new equipment,
overtime, weekend time, holiday time,
pay increases, hospitalization, free
flying mile and etc., etc., etc.  

All for a couple of missing stars!
And by the time they find them…
who’s going to be around to care?
Now that’s what I call;
Splitting hairs!!!

But hey, you know the Government!
Guppies, spotted owls and all!

: ) Smile!

Jackie R. Kays

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All for a Couple of Missin' Stars...



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