SWEETSWORDS 49 [ One divided by three ]*

SWEETSWORDS 49 [ One divided by three ]
Poga Humayun Dundiwala
Theory of everything is a theurgy thesis,
Fact of all falsehood and true hypothesis.
The theoretical menu,
And food for thought.
Missing link,
Wnd present knot.
Theory of base and search for basis,
Theory of everything is creator creature crisis.
Poga Says in The Foolington Maze
Theory of one into three.

Three to divorce,
For one to marry.
The surplus in shortfall,
Costly but free.
It is the riddle of hundred hens,
And three cocks,
One key,
And three locks.
Odd couple,
And matching pair.
Four sections,
Into three share.
Three brides,
And the single groom.
One divided by three,
In a fourth dimensional doom.
Mr Mathematic Ali : A Brahman died leaving four cows,
And three sons.
He on his will,
He left clear instructions.
That they must share the cattle.
Will stated that all shares,
Must be equally settle.
They could not slaughter the cows,
And share the meat.
Because cow is a divine mother,
What sons could not sell nor could they eat.
They could have donated one,
And shared three.
But that would be sharing three not four,
According to wills decree.
They consulted many wise without success.
Sons man was suffering from,
The cow motherhood distress.
Until they heard about Poga the fool.
The slave to the cows,
Master of the bull.
As they have nothing to loose,
They went to him to consult his brain.
He listened to them very calmly,
As the frog listens to thunders before the rain.
He said them wait here now.
And went to his cattle shed,
And came out with a bull for theirs cow.
He said exchanged it with a cow,
And solve yours problem.
My bull will marry your three cows,
And equally share them in his harem.
Share his wives among you three sons.
And his progeny she who begets,
Son or daughter whichever ones.