SWEET SWORDS 49 [ three two one ]

3 - 2 - 1 + 1 + 3 + 5 + 8


By Poga Humayun Dundiwala

Theory of everything is a theurgy thesis
Fact of all falsehood and true hypothesis
Theory of everything is a dice called luck
Clean as a lotus in the dirty muck

A theoretical menu and food for thought
Missing link and present knot
Theory of base and search for basis
Theory of everything is creator creature crisis

Poga says in a foolington maze

Theory of one two three
A surplus in shortfall insufficiently free
It is the riddle of hundred hens and three heir
Odd couple and matching pair
Three brides and a single groom
One divided by three in a fourth dimensional room

Theory of one two three
A surplus in shortfall insufficiently free
Its the riddle of hundred hens and three heir
Unconsumed chicken and eaten rooster
Three brides and a single groom
One divided by three in a fourth dimensional doom

Green man Gupta Ibn Chlorophyll Say's Swamp Thing
Tell shaven Mullah And Bearded singh
Tell them to say YA ALI MADATH
Tell them to drink the energizer sonic drink the silent Marrifatic Sherbet
Tell them ILM E MARRIFA is not turning the stick into the snake
That was the task for MOSES to partake
ILM E MARRIFA is not AL KHIDRS magical deal
For he had to do the manual job like damaging the boat and boy to kill
The ILM E MARRIFA is the highest of all knowledge AL ILMUL ALI
Visited and departed from earth by Khallifath e Finale
Some of its old tale are still told to renew the exhausted humanity with sparkling ignition
Therefore he wants to know what is ILM E MARRIFA hear this narration
The came to the Master
With seventeen camel and three heir
One gets half other gets one third and third is one nine
He donated his camel then took it back as his MARRIFATIC sign
He cut eighteen camel into pieces with out giving them a single scratch
Only ILM E MARRIFA can accomplish the problem as simple as such
He gave them theirs equal share and more from theirs source unknown to them
He gave the the six two nine the MARRIFATIC mathematical poem

Awaluddin Marrifath Ullah Say's
Single path and three way's
Cubical X and triangular Y
Geographical Janani And geometrical Jamai
Awaluddin Marrifath Ullah Say's
To divide the three path in three way's
One borrowed another and became two
And two multiplied to four to repay its indebted due
So three may carry on
By Y minus daughter and X and Y son

Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : When in GOD'S creation men wants to improve
He needs he wants a witness to approve
His creative art
May it be his golden vassal or his vessel of dust

Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : GOD is giver of life but man can die
GOD is all accomplished but man needs and want to try
GOD gives nudity
But man can do striptease
GOD is the freehold owner but man hold the temporary lease

BE: Man wants to be famous but they become blasphemous
Man born for fame but they begets blasphemy
GOD teaches sex but man learns sodomy
Therefore beware BARZAKH about the hour
About the hellish fire about the inferno tower
The abode of every lying Satan those mesmerizing magician
Abode of those magic word doctor who utters disease
Abode of veil of BARZAKH and screen of IBLIS

BA: GOD is creator therefore man is creative
GOD creates creation and man creates action therefore man is active
In the time space and matter it is the man who gives effort
To submit to GOD and to evil to confront
It is the human nature that divides the singular time in three equal part
The past present and future with the infinite heart
Yes it is the man with his phallus and woman with her vaginal sign
The ALIF Erector one and zero functional circle line
This combined two gives donation of egg and sperm the reciprocal half
And creates octagonal life cycle of bull and cow and nonagonal calf
To make it more clear let me narrate a story
So listen oh BE AQL listen truly to POGA'S theory

A Brahman died leaving three sons and four cows
He left instruction on his will that they must equally share them by learning the know-hows
They could not slaughter the cow and share the meat
Because cow is a divine mother and they could not sell nor could they eat
They could have donated one and shared three
But that would be sharing three not four according to wills decree
They consulted many wise without success until they heard about poga the FOOL
The slave of cow Master of the bull
As they have nothing to loose they went to him to consult his head
He listened to them very calmly and hurried toward his cattle shed
And came out with a Bull and exchanged it with a cow
He solved theirs problem with bullish know how

Now you may ask
How come POGA did such a task
Because POGA knows when ALLAH first created AWAL second came the AKHIR like dawn before the dusk
Its like first came the life second came the death
Then came this feminine nature this living breath
It is as if when ISHARVA first created JIVA he also created its end
Then out of destruction he brings-forth this feminine PRAKRITHI for SANSARAS sustenance and services to tend
Its like when first came in to the existence it instantly became the past
Then ALLAH brings forth sustenance of AWAL this present from AL AKHIR the last
It is as simple as past future present creates this three dimensional octagon
And divides in six sides to bring-forth theirs nonagonal son
Yet this hidden two out off this three dimensional square
Like POGA'S bull it fathers three brothers motherless mare and separates it self from atmosphere
Yes it is like first came the monad
And subtracted its self to become the doad
Then from this two equal part
The numerical equalizer tetrad mind and the symmetrical reciprocal the divider doad heart
Theirs quality are the same yet by quantity they differ
And turns this six sided three dimensional space and matter in to this feminine SANSAR
Therefore mathematics of theirs love is thus
First came the subtraction
Then came the additional plus and divides in three to bring forth this multifunctional octagon
The three dimensional play ground for theirs nonagoanal son
It is here the male creation separates its reciprocal half
With ADAM'S rib shattering pain and EVE'S rib ticklish laugh
And creates three dimensional MUHAMMADAN reality of cubical qibla
La illaha illel la

He is everything and everything is from him
Any one who declare this he is MUMIN
I know BARZAKH you and i are separate
But we are united as man and jinn
We are united in goal but our path are different
We find our own path within our sentient
we differ because we both have our personal lock with personal combination
We differ because its not the subtraction but first came the addition
Yes it was the first two letters Y and X
Two reciprocal half without the sex
With theirs infinite numbers in seminal chromosome
Yet the singular solo creation the lonely ADAM
Failed to make two on his own self
Then GOD all mighty lend the feminine hand with divine help
The double cross at the EVE of creation
To bring forth this multifunctional three dimension
And separates its reciprocal two in fourth dimensional time
And then divides in three equal part the past present and future with heart beat chime
Therefore learn oh BARZAKH it is the different quality of the letters that gives the total value but by quantity they all are same
By odd and even numbers they unite but differ by theirs name
Thus this double cross gives gross value of half
And joins quaternary X and Y to bring forth theirs nonagonal calf
So theirs mathematics of love is thus
First there was the single tetrad without power of minus or plus
The creation was at standstill without motion without move
Therefore GOD almighty added the feminine double XX to complete the cube
This cubical QIBLAH
Therefore BARZAKH you and i are united under oneness of ALLAH
We unite under when you and i both say la illa ha illel la

Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : At the beginning there was the tree
And it was there when there was no east west no direction nor there was any degree
The tree with its fio functional trunk and brunch
In order to create the SANSAR it created it x functional flower bunch
Therefore the tree held the value of x and y
The whole tree held the value of four but divided its self to give two for the earth and two for the sky
Now the flower of life the cosmic egg
It multiplied by power of two and became the house bound spider with eight leg
Now the tree held the value of one and it wanted to divide by three
With seed flower and tree
And the tree was male and the flower was its daughter
And the daughter was hermaphrodite the virgin flower
It was sexless yet it bore all the gender
Every alphabet and every number
Therefore one to become three
First one became two like the flower and the tree
Now the tree held the value of two and so did the flowerette
So when two multiplied by the power of two and became eight
The flower paid back two her father tree for her feminine debt
It is when x and y hermaphrodite flower gave one x and one y to her son
And to her daughter the double x for cycle of the creation
The cycle is two plus two plus two equals six
One divided by three by unequal male and female mix
Therefore to turn the odd one into three even
It borrower another one and became one and one eleven
Then multiplied it self into hundred and twenty one
And paid back its due one and became twenty plus twenty plus twenty in three division

Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : From the thread of strong theory came the weak spider
She said it is symmetrical lines what creates web of the multiversal SANSAR
She said it is this line what gives the DUNIYA theirs structural diagram
With weakest of all forces they bear the weight of all powerful programme
She said the very first thing ALLAH created with this lines was the tree called piety
Next came its next of kin called theory of the relativity
The tree was the singular combination of the seed trunk flower and petal
The tree was one man with Fitrath Nafs Ruh and Aql
From the single dot came the four line to hold the single one
The Time Matter Space and the Vibration
From the thread of the strong theory came the weak spider
She said the weight of the KURSI and The ARSH what create the lines of the strongest link for this weak SANSAR