God fills our lives with people as you
When we think it's time to end what we do
He opens our eyes to their kindness
When they were closed by some grief's blindness

Sometimes we think our lives should end
Then God sends an angel as our friend
Their care gives us the hope to go on
When every bit of it was gone

Often those we least expect
They have the grace to most correct
What's leaving us in so much pain
They are the sun shining through the rain

God won't leave us alone to die
If we have faith we will get by
Through his love there's love out there
Because through kindness someone will share

As he did they feed you full
If you obey the golden rule
To love your neighbor as yourself
It will come back our father's wealth

Which is love for one another
Here on Earth God's grace will cover
A multitude of worldly sin
With kindness from a human friend

One which you never knew you had
Who can see you are so sad
With their giving you'll understand
God is love which is the plan

It's all that matters in the end
A hand that reaches out and you begin
To see you're loved in many ways
So don't give up kindness will stay

That person sitting next to you
I'm sure they have their bad times too
So share your gifts God made you fine
In his image you're part of the divine

So when you fear that life's too much
Somehow God sends an angel's touch
To let you know that it's okay
Because kindness will come if you just pray.

9/8/2005 1610 cj (Inspired by Lois Newcomb)

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