Beautiful Disaster


Why do the birds fly
Why do the fish swim
Why can't I go a day
Without thinking of him

Why is the snow white
Why is the ocean blue
Why does it feel like
There is nothing I can do

Why are lemons sour
But lemonade so sweet
Why is it that when he is around
My heart feels complete

Why is velvet so soft
Why are rocks so hard
Why was I stupid enough
To let down my guard

Why is an elephant so big
afraid a mouse so small
Why did I convince myself
That he wouldn't let me fall

Why is the sky above me
Why is the ground below me
Why is it
He can't see

Why don't adults know how to play
Why don't kids know how to work
Why did I make myself totally vulnerable
For this jerk
Why are tree trunks so fat
Why are twigs so slim
Why did I let myself
Fall in love with him

Why is love so great
Yet it hurts so bad
Why did I become a fool
To be left so sad

Why why why
Did I surrender my heart
When I knew that when I got it back
It would be torn apart

Why why why
No one knows
Why why why
Cause that's how life goes

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