Beautiful Disaster

What's Behind Door Number 2

Standing in front of two doors
They both look the same
Equally as enticing
Equally as intimidating
Behind one door could be
Fame and fortune
That one could not begin to fathom
Behind the other door could be
A horrible fate
Far worse then death
Or maybe both doors lead to
An amazing life
Or maybe they both lead to
A life of doom
This choice is a crucial one
Because which ever door I pick
I will have to follow that doors path
Once I open that door
My destiny is forever sealed
Good or Bad
There is no way to know
Which door will lead me
Down the path I want to go
Or even where the paths are going
So it's a blind guess
Either door one or door two
It shouldn't be that difficult
But when the rest of my life
Lays on this one choice
With the added pressures of the crowd
Full of
And even complete strangers
Yelling Pick door one
Or go with door two
My decision becomes harder
I don't want to disappoint anybody
But I know that
I need to follow my heart
Because I am the one that
Has to live this life
And everyone else will get there time to make this decision
Its my time to decide
So I go with door number two
Slowly turn the knob
As a gust of wind blows the door open
Its dark on the other side
I slowly step through the doorway
Now I am
Standing in front of two doors.

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