SWEET SWORDS 16 [ The DNA of Dabba ] ] *

Poga Humayun Dundiwala
Boar bride and husband hog,
RNA of reptile and DNA of dog.
Veins of Adam and blood of Iblis,
Heavenly lips and Earthen kiss.
Gentleman genealogy,
And bloodline of the beast.
Monkey fingers,
And Tarzan fist.
Poga Says in the Foolington Maze.
Creation of wheel,
And evolution of tyre.
Water of life,
And deathly fire.
Satanic smoke,
And manly mist.
Bones of Adam,
And flesh of the beast.
Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : God gave the sound,
And man gave the music.
God gave the soil,
And man gave the mosaic.
Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : God gave the revelation,
And man made the screen.
God gave vibration,
And man made the violin.
Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta :God created the light,
And from that evolved His shadow.
God created the husband,
And from him evolved his widow.
Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : Adam was created mortal,
But not his penis.
He evolved immortality through his lineage,
By siring the pussy of Iblis.