SWEET SWORDS 9 [Scribe ]*

SWEETSWORDS 9 [ Scribe ]
Poga Humayun Dundiwala
A droplet of ink,
And ocean of words to inscribe.
A vehicle called pen,
And scrolls of sky to drive.
Drop of fluid,
And Adam and Eve.
Dry quill,
And wet nib.
Poga Says in The Foolington Maze
A drop is a drop,
Not the flood of plenty.
A drop is enough,
To occupy any empty.
A drop may be too much,
For what is brimful.
A drop may be too little,
For who is wasteful.
Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : Allah created the pen,
From it evolved something written.
This words are uncreated,
Because it came into existence,
Through the process evaluation.
And to the being that evolved,
Tongue was given to write his narration.
It said I am the infinite,
But I am not the eternal.
Because I know about my beginning,
But I don't know about my last and final.