SWEET SWORDS 15 [ Prophet Ibrahim Ibn Muhammad ]*

SWEETSWORDS 15 [ Prophet Ibrahim bin Muhammad ]
Poga Humayun Dundiwala
Do you know what weakness of faith is.
It is disbelief in Jibrill,
And trust in Iblis.
Weakness of faith is,
The disease call doubt.
Listening to whispers of Shaitan,
And ignoring the Angelic shout.
Poga Says in The Foolington Maze
Weakness of faith is,
The cure for ignorance.
It is like learn by mistake,
Then correct it by intelligence.
If you are weak,
Then go for power.
It is the prisoners who lives in dungeons,
And victorious abodes the tower.
Mr Muslim Miah : Al Quran has descended stating end of Allah's revelation for good.
So Allah took his final sacrifice from his last Prophet,
And the very first beloved Mahmood.
So all the creation may be assured.
If there were anything to be added to the Al Quran.
It would have descended upon the heart,
To whom first came the revelation.
It would have descended on Prophet Muhammad,
Sallel Lahu Alahi Wasallam.
Whole Quran descended upon him,
Quran does not new verses to complete Islam.

Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : Ibrahim Ibn Muhammad died so Islam may live.
He died so the fact of Al Quran may live,
To kill the Qadiani fib.
He died so every Quranic alphabet and sentences,
May be protected by the unseen full stop.
He died so Muslims may be assured,
By knowing ocean is not full until it holds its last drop.
Pen cannot be lifted until the final sentence was written,
And ended with the full stop.
But just as no full stop is part of the speech or word.
But it is there as the period,
For every word and sentence to guard.

Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : Al Quran begun with three letters,
Alif, Lam and Meem.
Three individuals letters that does not unite,
To create the word team.
Without any punctuation mark,
Any period and coma or semicolon.
Because if there be any other mark to be added,
That too will become part of Qari's recitation.
And as Al Quran came by letters, So it will also teach the grammar.
It is here the illiterate father became the nail on the Qadiani coffin,
And his infant son Ibrahim became the hammer.
Just as the full stop is not the words of the book,
But all words need it for theirs grammatical fence.
Therefore Muhammad is the prescribed alphabets,
And Ibrahim Alahi Wasallim is the last full stop defence.
Therefore if Ibrahim Alahi Wasallim had lived,
And spoken a single word.
Muslim would take it as the Hadith,
Word of the Prophet of God.
Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : To understand the sacrificing of animal,
Why God commands men to set this bloody example.
I asked the wealthy about theirs expensive offer,
He said how can my God be happy,
If his creatures suffer.
He said replacement of Ismail,
Was Ibrahim bin Muhammad.
The belated Qurbani,
For the needless God.
Allah is not in need,
He is self sufficient.
It is men who needs Allah,
To become accomplished and efficient.
He said yes you must ask Allah,
Why he wants us to slaughter.
Is it for life he given,
Or for the sustenance with fire, earth, air and water.
What plant and animals gets free from theirs Creator.
Surly it cannot be for worldly gain,
To endure this physical loss.
Apart from the spiritual test,
For emotion boundaries of attachment to cross.
So just as Allah through revelation improves the humanity,
He also teaches his Prophets the system of sacrificial sacrality.
For examples they must set,
To endure difficulties during Theirs Prophetic duty.
Because Prophets them self are pure,
They for them selves do not need any righteous deed.
They preach and sacrifice theirs time and effort,
In the name of Allah so others may heed.
Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : All Prophet sacrificed,
So Allah may reveal the AL Quran.
And Ibrahim bin Muhammad was sacrificed
So Al Quran may remain as the last revelation.
The tale of sacrificed is told,
As Muhammad Sallel Lahu Alahi Wasallim said.
By Allah Ibrahim will be Prophet of Allah,
Should Ibrahim stayed.
If Ibrahim lived surly he would be the true Rasul.
Yet no Prophet ever came,
With the same name playing the dual role.
All Prophet came with theirs individual unique name.
Yet Ibrahim would be Prophet,
According to the Muhammadan claim.
And we know should Ibrahim lived,
He would most definitely become the Prophet.
And we also know Prophets are born,
Not taught like poet or made like locket.
Therefore Ibrahim bin Muhammad,
Was born just like his father,
As the Prophet of God.
And Prophets do not die,
Until he declares his revelation.
Therefore find the revelation of Ibrahim,
In the Quranic Interpretation.
Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : Muhammad Sallel Lahu Alahi Wasallim Said,
If Ibrahim lived he would surly become Allah's messenger.
And Al Quran needs one full stop as grammatical arranger.
But just as the all letters and sentence,
Came from the Allah's pen.
Similarly the full stop also came from Allah,
To end he book with the final Amen.
It is of the pen,
But it is not the alphabet.
But it is the final mark of the book, Like Ibrahim bin Muhammad,
The the period to all Prophet.
And just as the full stop,
What speaks not like letters or word.
But as sign of ending of sentence in the book of God.
And the lateral Al Quran needs one full stop to indicate its finality.
What without adding single letter,
Yet does its Prophetic duty.
Therefore Allah sent in his sequence of Prophetic numbers, His all equal the total sign.
The final full stop,
In the sums of Prophetic line.
Ibrahim bin Muhammad,
The sign of total sum.
Ibrahim bin Muhammad,
The sign of sum of Prophethood in Islam.
Without adding single word or letter,
But as full stop he wrote Prophetic totality.
What speaks not like numbers or letters,
Yet full fills its scriptural duty.