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4 October

Afraid of words and terror stricken by books.
Addicted to DVDs, Cd's, radio and TV ...
definitely hooked!

An amusement fiend, needs audio visual simulation
just to dream!

Mentally conflicted and confused with mind bemused
on a daily diet of psychological "Gar-baage"
ain't even think'n about making Hajj.

Mind full of frivolity. Plenty of idle time
Twenty-four/Seven, have you forgotten about get'n into

Need to be entertained because of self inflicted
damage to the brain.

Give'n dirty looks because someone
suggested you read a book.

Yes, it's a crime what the media has done
to what was once a promising young mind!

Physical eye mesmerized by the celebrities
whom they idolize, "Death Row Records",
"Bad Boy Productions", Hollywood's fiction and lies.
Does any one really care that Biggie and Tupac died?

Listen to them Cuss ... the "Rich and Infamous!"
Vulgarity and nudity distinguish the morally whipped.
From their lips flows nothing but stupidity and gossip.

Corrupted souls, every word uttered a profanity...
The ultra vain lost in the depths of depravity.

Deaf and dumb full of reefer and rum.
The Inner Eye blind to the True Reality.
What we have here ... is another spiritual

Abu Lateef


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