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In praise of larger women

She smiled at me across that bar  
A radiant smile that made me think
As I crossed the room to her side
To ask could I buy her a drink
We chatted there for hours
Hours that seemed to just fly
So easy was she to speak with
I really didn't need to try
I walked her home in the evening chill
Stood with her at her front door
And when she invited me for coffee
I wasn't really expecting any more
We chatted again as we drank
Until her hand fell on my thigh
I turned to fully face her
Looked her straight in the eye
She was large and she was beautiful I dropped my head to her chest Kissed her naked cleavage slowly Just between those lovely breasts Then she pushed me backwards Eased her self there on top Nipples brushed my open lips I didn't ever want her to stop As she pulled me deep inside her I heard her moan of delight And she oh so skilfully loved me All through that special night She caught me She taught me Pleasured me like a dream Matched my scream with scream Held me with a sigh As I kissed her goodbye  Asked her when I could see her again She smiled and said no Told me to just go Took me  once more There by her front door Then pushed me gently into the night  and out of her sight I looked once more At that closed door And finally went All passion spent
By chance we met
But I'll never forget
She was big and she was beautiful
I had never loved a woman of her size
It was that smile that brought me to her
From that pair of smiling wanting eyes

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