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Age creeps up so slowly on and by us
How do such long years so quickly pass
Now here in my dotage in the sun
Eyes close to see that young blonde lass
She stood behind the bar
And I could only think
Just how much I loved her
As I waited for my drink
Teenage love
At first sight
That very very
Special night
I just sat there and watched
So much pleasure to my eye
So long as she was serving
I could have drunk that pub dry
When I got my drinkers courage
She smiled as she heard me say
Some time we will be lovers
And I'm yearning for that day
I waited months
And in the end
She became
Such a friend
But I always said
Don't you forget
Maybe not now but
We will be lovers yet
When it happened it was so tender
She forgave my virgin skill
And she taught me how to love her
And I suppose I love her still
We had to hide our loving
Knew there was no future there
So each enjoyed the other
Each knowing how the other cared
So many tender moments with her
All those many years past
She dances there before me
Still with me to the last
Age creeps up so slowly on and by us
How do such long years so quickly pass
Now here in my dotage sitting in the sun
Eyes closed to see my young blonde lass

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