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~For Beauty 2~
(Quatrains in mixed meters)

It's so ridiculous what's taking place
In our society these days,
More and more some women are too obsessed
With their looks in so many different ways

They want to look much younger,
And want to be super skinny too, that's true,
They go far beyond to what's really,
Healthy and normal,did you know that too?

Of course, there's nothing wrong,
With wanting to look all your best,
There's nothing wrong with working,
In a better you, but please take a rest

There are some who can't accept the fact,
That they're getting everyday old,they're too vain,
Some women are seventy something years old,
But still they want to look like thirty once again

There's so much that we can all do,
That the body can really take too,
You can work on your body, and your face,
All that you want, that's your choice too

But in the end the natural process of aging,
You can't trick or cheat, do you know?
Sooner or later, all these plastic surgeries,
And operations you do will start just to show

Because no matter how good a plastic surgery is,
To the naked eye it will scream you just had it,do you know?
Women should stop this cycle of abusing themselves in this way,
And in the end accept themselves and who they are, I just know

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000

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