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My old motorbike is about my Irish grandfather, who had the most cranky outspoken nature. He also had a motorbike with attitude.

"Cranky Motorbike:

It's an old motorbike.
It is a cranky old thing.
With its quirky nature of old wiring,
Rusted wheels and chromed nuts.
Throttle open...
Carburetter takes in air...
As juices flow.
Pistons rattle and shake...
Exhaust pipe complains...
Gearbox grinds...
Clutch whines...
Brakes squeal and squirm.
Don't rev to high and drop a valve.
Crankcase pressure is to high.
Their are days when the air is good...
Slightly cool...
But not too hot.
My old Grandfathers motorbike...
Flys like a possessed rock in a frock.

Dedicated to my Grandfather Jack Hudson 1898-1982.

Copyright Hud 2006-2012 Writer/Poet/Philosopher.

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