Ballad of Someone

So, the words are pouring,
like your eyes continue to bleed
Theres a school yard burning
cause the kids ain't been released
and I can promise you the world,
cause I know it cant be had
I can show you my life
as a postcard on a cup,
I look kind of filled up,
but trust me, I'm quite down,
I feel Ive been made up
some kind of fairy, far away land
tell me its o.k. to trust you
I wanna Be.k. with you
tell me theirs no one better than you,
because Ive climbed these steps before,
I'm a fake hypocrite
down a rat filled sewer,
sucking salt like a lollipop,
and selling soul to get fixed up
I'm your dealer,
in this drug free land
p.m. pills at night
take me back to sleep
Ive found a lite,
that I ain't seen before
a lite that shines my scars
that I ain't felt in years
my cries unanswered
my winds, unchanged
my feel, always braided
like a game, being played
I feel mis leaded,
I feel cheap shotted and used
I bleed out leeches
that sell me short of fuel
Theres an answer in the woods
Blowing the leafs from the trees
theres a battle being fought

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