A sea, turning tides that change
taking away my breath of her
Sun beating down, like a drummer on stage
wilting my soul, exposing as coal
A hit man, who lays his knifes in bed
Cause than shell move, to a different land

Death at 27, Its all certain in this land
Trying to look till tomorrow, but my face has changed
Rear view, picking up shadows that kill her
coming to, a drunken phase, lost its stage
Christmas bells ring, carolers sing, coal
Deposit in my pocket, and die in my bed

She opened her eyes, and made her bed
Thought about her time, in the other land
with her pocket's outside, and empty change
Looks of hatred, floating above her
While taking a picture, life's turning stage
Talked about the good times, fading coaled

A drunken Santa, his bag filled of coal
Goes to tuck in a child, his inners out of bed
expose, as empty, in another sort of land
Campground slain, rearranged, and beg for change
I love you know, but I received a letter from her
Flowers passed, revolving at last and call out a stage

Empty names, sine less streets, a passing stage
Try and see a Sunshine, with my eyes as coal
with ache in my head, Ill just stay in bed
Think about my good dreams, in this f--ked up land
With a man exposed as a poet, a Sharpie can change
Her scent tears up my memories, all I paint is her

An alcoholic man, who's jealous of her
takes his sight out on him, he plays a stage
Receipt for me, and a look of coal
with a wounded soul, theres a child in bed
Revolving glances, in a spin round land
Folds up my dollar, as he gives me my change

And I take my pills, and lay in bed
vision her eyes, encompassing land
Step outside a stage, a coalish change

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