Go out have fun
Forget about the setting sun
He does not want you anyway
Party on alone and play

There's guys out there for you
Who'll laugh at what you do
When he just sits in his easy chair
And doesn't really want to care

If he did he'd be here now
At a house that's ours somehow
He just wants you once a week
Party on and be a freak

His commitments not coming through
He's rather have her than you
And she is just old and frigid
Let him stay there, he's too rigid

Party on Let 'er Buck girl
Give the party life a whirl
He's not going to come around
His time with you is coming down

Too much for him you are today
Forget him and have it your way
Non commitment his only word
Enough of it you've heard

So smile all day you are free
Be glad he will not live with me
Let him go back to being lonely
You're never going to be his one and only

Life is good party on
Be thankful this man is gone
You're independent no one to ask
Forget his life, your life's the task.

9/14/2005 1735 cj

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