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I remember oh so vividly the feeling of fear
Trapped in that plantation while all around
I could feel that storm building drawing near
Hear the still distant thunder cracking sound
As I huddled afraid under those silent trees
Waiting for the storm to break or move away
Arms locked tightly around both knees
Almost dark and not long gone midday
Sheet lightning flashing
Lighting up that grey sky
Thunder crashing
Now seeming so close by
The metal barrel of the twelve bore
Broken and unloaded lying there
Maybe three feet away no more
In that charged electric air
Looming so large in my fear
Dreading that it would be found
By the storm now almost here
And lure a charge to the ground
Received wisdom would always says
In thunder the open is the place to be
But it had come so quickly that day
Catching me smoking under the trees
I had seen smashed split trunks
Of storm struck trees
Leaning like petrified drunks
So what chance for me
And then the rain came crashing down
Washing that still air fresh and clear
And sunlight appeared all around
Taking away the last of my fear
And every single trace
Of fear's sweat
Washed by the rain on my face
As I walked home getting soaking wet

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