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  the sky is falling
  the pope and the president have jumped everyone's bones
  i break the cycle to see that gravity will always prevail
  note to self the bigger they are the faster you run
  lets go to the land of dreams and happy things
  wish memories were more like the digestive system
  keep the ones that are good for you and that you need nutrients from
  get rid of the wasteful kind that circles around your head
  and seem to hold your breathe even when you don't want to
  fall on me if you must
  drive the polluted metal moving devices
  eat the other species to feel more like God
  have sex to feel more like God
  create so you can be just like God
  i buy and sell that which was never mine to begin with
  the young lady is for so long now in need of heart transplant
  kids must be born with magnets in their brain
  they seem to fall right into the metal  traps
  nevermind the metal ones I'm more concerned about the mental ones
  lipstick is just a mask for your true intentions
  lipstick and the lies you built to protect and flaunt
  brave new world
  sail me a new ambition period
  play the "what the f##$" games till dawn
  the needles are in full demand
  so are the rubber bags
  the dramatic motives and the pop killers to
  the sky is falling looks sort like Swiss cheese
  ice is melting going to need new swimming trunks
  or buy a bubble to live in where i will decorate it with pictures of pictures
  that resemble out side, would go out for the real feel but to afraid of the scene
  magic powder is claming more then Jesus can
  liquids and plants seem to make more sense then they should
  blame the world for these mistakes
  i owe nothing to you and you know it
  i will come out of the woodwork and devour all that stand in my way
  live through a moment by moment in a torture myself mindset
  all i know and learn came from your crosses and lower class labels
  go back in time so i can kill you now and watch it  with a grin over and over again
  thank you my good friends
  fiends or what have you
  i done all i can and you still have the balls to mock
  self doubt and self loathing are unhealthy combination
  but atlas  I'm not as ugly as you've become
  my own bushwhacked mind is going to give you lip
  the finger and above all, hell i will give you all hell
  left with a self hatred and a desire to hurt with hope i will feel resolved
  but all that comes is more reasons to self doubt and loathe
  helmet for my brain words for my soul i will protect myself from all that oppose
  including bushes, ogars, and girls that squirm and squeeze out lies
  i am done i am a riot
  i want to live it up and give my regards to Henry for this gift

chaz love

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