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We live in a world of high technology.
A world of computers... to transplant surgery and space travel.
Yet we also live in a pervading atmosphere of mystery and magic.
Over 400 years ago the seer and astrologer (Michel de Nostredame)...better known as Nostradamus (1503-1566) composed four line verses (Quatrains) in his collective works called 'Centuries'
As a tribute to this remarkable man...
I have attempted to recapture his forgotten craft.

Poetic Quatrain (47)

Nostalgic glamour is like a hammer.
Core of a spiders web is dead.
Subjective are the plants,who dance in a trance.
Goyim is given no time to think, as they sink into freemasons ink.

Poetic Quatrain (48)

Rotate my head round and round upon the ground making no sound.
Drone at the end of the phone.
Haarp is just a big digital hole.
Reawaken my soul with a long terrestrial pole.

Quatrain Poétique (48)

Faites touner o faites tourner ma tète au-dessur de la' terre sans émettre le moindre son.
Quel bourdonnement dans le combine' a' la fin l'entretien téléphonique.
Jouer da la harpe n'est qu'une profonde beoce numérique.
Revellillez o réveillez mon âme avec un haut mat de cocagne.

Poetic Quatrain (45)

Discovery of clockwork systems.
Manufacturer's zest bites zero.
Severity of pleasure and pain.
Future syndicates, buying historic packaged lives.

Quatrain Poétique (45)

Découverte des systèmes qui gouvernent les rouages des horloges.
Le goût de Fabricant moed le Zéro.
Rudesse du plaisur, dureté' de la douleur.
Des sociétés a' venir, qui achèteront
L'histoire empaquetée des vies humaines.

Copyright Hud 2010-2012, Writer/Poet/Philosopher, All rights reserved worldwide.

Translated into French By Anthanse Vantchev de Thracy.
Tranduit en Francais par Athanase Vantchev de Thracy.

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