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Accident in one race,
Retarded her progress,
Relaxed, lazy,
Took it easy,

A good runner,
Always a winner,
Young miss Sharon,*
Aspiring to run marathon,

Determined to run,
And run to win,
Had to become slim,
Joined a gym,

Aerobic work up,
Dips and pull up,
Lost much weight,
Became quite swift,

Missed her period,
For the month third,
Sickness morn?
Symptoms none!

Given progesterone,
Failed to respond,
Sharon worried!
Primi unmarried?

Family doctor confused,
To a specialist referred,
She was virgin!
A virgin genuine!!

Amenorrhoea primary,
A medical mystery,
Confused doctors,
Had no answers!

*(Sharon is an imaginary name
 and a true name of any patient.)

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