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  Terry Ireland

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Shaman Keeper of The Knowledge
Passed from mind to mind
Physically old now looking through
Eyes milky white blind
Cleanses in solitude then performs
The ritual dance
Each step to a perfection that does
Not leave a chance
That the ceremony be disrupted by
Any mistake
May make
Invites the sacred smoke to seep into
His soul
Is suddenly uplifted and becomes one
Of the whole
As past future present swirl and merge
And he speaks
With wiser forebears whose advice
He urgently seeks
Then together past present future souls
Soar and fly
To see the world through the ancient
Communal eye
To thank the spirits of others brother beings
That live
For all the generous gifts and needs of life
They give
Shaman feels the sacred bonds of all
Earth's kinds
Gently brush and kiss
His mind
Then Shaman slumps as the trance once
So deep
Passes suddenly into exhausted needed
Shaman Keeper of The Knowledge
On his  own
But knowing
He is never ever truly alone

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