A Synthetic Soul

Before the Thunder Rolls

See my soul is not yet broken
but slightly withered, like a rose..
Plucked from the stem
caught in the wind, and cold.

This inky sky will bring me
the only light this night
just before the thunder rolls.

The wind carries me like
the air that fills our lungs.
Only picking my petals.
She loves me not tonight..

This inky sky will bring me
only the bitter rain
to caress my face,
just before the thunder rolls again.

Drenched in the rain and sin.
Petals torn, to resemble my pain within.
Strewn a fray and afraid, dieing where I lie.
Windblown into the footsteps you've left behind

Only this inky sky will cover me,
behind the darkness and clouded memory.
Not near to reach.., but still reaching clouds.
Only another rose and soul 'breaking down.
Filling this hole while I decompose,
just before the thunder rolls.

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