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~The Boys Get In Trouble Again~Part 1-
(Fan/Short Story)

Chapter 1

Beth! Beth! Almanzo called out aloud for Laura upon entering their home., very late that afternoon, after so many long hours of work, since very early morning that day.
I'm right here, in the kitchen, Manly.' 'I'm telling you Beth, I don't know what to do with those boys anymore.' they're driving me again crazy.
I should had been more firm with them from day one and then maybe we wouldn't be having this situation now.Everytime we let them come to spend some time with us.
It's like they keep on doing the same darn thing, that they did last time and that they have promised not to do repeat.

 Just look at this mess they did this time, Beth. Almanzo said to Laura,thrusting her way something on the floorboards, what it looked like ugly pieces of old rags,all wrapped up around a burnt piece of blackened stick.
Laura jumped back so quickly and startled by it that she nearly lost her balance, in her failed intent of regaining her composure again.
But just as soon she regained her balance and leaned forward very close to inspect and collect what Almanzo had brought in for her to see.
Oh no! Manly, don't tell me this's it what I think it is, she told Manly, all the while nodding her head in disbelief.

Yes, it's Beth, and please this time you have to agree with me that they have to be punished.
Oh Manly! I can't believe what they've done this time.This's really just to much.
One thing is to get the scarecrow down and play with it a little bit for a while.
But another one is to use it as a pinata and then burned it just like a piece of coal.
They just can't continue doing things like this Beth,to us or anybody, Almanzo said to Laura.
We have to stop them now, or next time they will hurt themselves very bad or next time they'll burn the stable or the whole house down.
We have to talk to them right now and make them see how bad they've behaved and that they can't continue getting away with murder.

Almanzo reached out for Laura who was very upset too by now,just thinking that the boys could have gotten really hurt this time, doing what they've done.
I am so sorry Manly, I know how much you were hopping that the boys could have behaved this time around.
Yes, I know Beth, I feel like a total fool for believing in them like I did for the last 2 days.
Another thing Beth, remind me later of replacing that  scarecrow for another.
We just can't afford having none in its intead out there in the fields, to protect our crop of corn.
By the way I assume you know where the boys are right now, don't you Beth?

I don't know for sure, Manly, but I just spotted them outside like an hour ago.They were laughing and playing hide and seek nearby the creek and told them to be careful.
I'll just go outside and bring them in,and they have to answer for what they've done this time,it's getting kind of dark by now anyway.
They should have been in by now, as they know we always expect them to do,when they're staying with us.
Almanzo let go of Laura and gave her a light kiss on the cheek.Well, I better go now and find those naughty boys and bring them home.
Don't worry Beth.I know what you must be thinking inside that little head of yours.You're thinking I am going to be very hard on those two, isn't it?

Well, can you blame it, if I was at least for once this time? what they've done it's very bad, serious and very dangerous too.
You see that,by now, don't you, Beth? Almanzo asked Laura.I know this time you have to agree with me about the boys.I hope you help me find the right punishment for both of them.
I see you in a little while, Beth.'Oh Manly, just promised me that you won't scare the boys, or be too hard on them when you first see them.
Can you at least promise me that now, so I can have a sigh of relief.Almanzo just smiled her back and said to Laura, ' I can't promise you that right now, Beth.

I am sorry.The only thing i can promise you,is that I will try very hard and that you'll see them both again around supper time.Okay. Almanzo just gave her one of his smiles.
Saying that he just turned away from her, and stepped out through the kitchen door, without looking back.Laura just stared back at Manly, rubbing her hands back and forth.
She was so worried about Manly and the boys.Manly had been working so hard of late and was having some problems at the mill. Since Pa had left with her Ma.
They had left both together for a little deserved vacation to California.A place they've visited it only for a second time since Albert had moved away.

They have some good friends in San Francisco and they got an early invitation to go and stay with them for a while, at least a couple of weeks.
Who knows they might change their mind and stay for a little longer than that, perhaps the whole month.
She hoped they would, even when she missed them so much already. they have been gone only 3 days, but it seemed to her, like they have been gone for a whole year already.
They both needed some time together to enjoy and have some fun, far away from home, and Walnut Grove, a place that held for them so many good and bad memories at the same time.

They've done all their life all the best they could.Now it was the time for them to benefit of some of what they both have worked so hard.
Pa have asked Manly to look after the Mill for him, while he was away,and Manly of course could never say no to her Pa.
At least most of the time he couldn't or just he didn't want to, and at the thought of that she couldn't help but smile too.

To be continue soon in 'The Boys Get In Trouble Again' part 2 '

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000

Author Note: Just a short story tha I've written inspired by some of the beloved characters of Little House in the prarie series and books.~

Disclaimer:I do not own "Little House in The Prairie" or any any of its characters, but I do own this story here.

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