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it's raining hearts

I've slept here for a while
There's been a delay in the rain
And my dreams have been ignored
   [by the dreamer]
A hibernation in my soul
My body is bruised and cold
I've forced myself to find a bed [away from the roses]
Where I draw a blank sky
And persue faith for a healing
I rest
Instead of continuing in my black and white world
Where I watch my crippled dreams
Plead for a dispatching  into reality
And my body is mutilated
And my mind is tormented
I've punched out of that time clock
And allow life to rain
Love was felt
And love is felt
While I sleep, I
And when I awake,
I shall fight the nightmare's
That paralyze the dreams
And I will stand under the willow again.

~DaYnA e. 10/10/05

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it`s raining hearts