SWEETSWORDS 51 [Cubical Formation ]

SWEETSWORDS 51 [ Cubical Formation ]
Poga Humayun Dundiwala
God to be grateful to thee,
Please let it be me,
Say thank you Lord.
For my failure,
And your reward.
God you are the time,
So hear this timely plea.
God let me the be thirst,
And let you be the sea.
Poga Says in The Fooling ton Maze
When we are,
I, we and the Creator.
Within this six sides,
Occupying the central seven.
Nor in hellish bellow,
Nor in upper heaven.
We occupy the center,
The heart of cosmos.
With constant gain,
And continues loss.
We gain by age,
By losing the time.
Therefore wasting time in ignorance,
Is greatest crime.
Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : The diagram of the tree of life,
The jews call it Kabbalah.
And the diagram of the eternal house of Allah,
The muslim call it Kaabatullah.
So what is the connection between the tree,
And the Makam e Mahmud.
So what is the connection between the first dimensional Ruku,
Second dimensional Qiam and the third dimensional Sujud.
Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : I love Jews.
Orange juice,
Mango and pineapple juice.
Therefore I love trees,
Therefore I love water.
Therefore to find diagram of the house of the Creator,
Look in the creation look in the nature.
When the Christan and Jew,
Or the Hindu.
They depict the throne of the Lord,
The diagram of the house of God.
They with theirs partial knowledge about the design.
They use falsehood and fabrication,
Like the Wahdadul Wajud of Sufiswine.
They all say what encompasses every diagram,
That diagram is the all encompassing circle.
But ask them if they are true,
Can they fit within one inch sphere one inch cubicle.
No they can never do.
Because cubical molecule of water,
Is unlike the circular dew.
This creation is three dimensional,
Therefore shape of Kaaba is in the diagram of cube.
Therefore the diagram of the throne of God,
Cannot be as circular loop or tube.
Because circle is within the sphere,
But the sphere is within the cube.