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 SWEETSWORDS 51 [cubical reality ]

By Poga Humayun Dundiwala

God to be grateful to thee
Do i have to be
A prodigal son
The forgotten one
An amnesiac among mental case
God to be grateful to thee
Please let it be me
Say thank you god
For my forgetful nature
And forgotten days

God to be grateful to thee
Please let it be me
Say on to Thow
God you are my forgotten past
Fated future and faithful now
God you are the time
So hear this timely plea
God let me be this tear drop
And let you be the sea

Poga Say's
          In a fooling ton maze

Do you know why Bakkah is the center of the world
And Kaaba is cubical
Why this six dimensional Duniyha
Is octagonally spherical
Do you know why six sided pressure forms the cube
And why spinning cycle makes the circular move
Do you know why Bakkah is the center of the world
And Kaaba is cubical
How a circumambulating hadjee
Connects to a square within a circle
Now do you  know how to be grateful to God
Is it the fruit that shapes the seed
Or seed that shapes the Pod

Barzakh: When there was circular nothing
It was within cubical everything
When there was no dark no luminous
Nor plus nor minus
All was as if drop of Rahmath
As mercy of knowledge ilm e marrifath
It was alive ready to heed
As drop of ink ready to read
It was when there was nothing the complete empty
Doing its NO DUTY

When there was circular nothing
It was within cubical everything
When there was no dark no light
All was within the listening pen without the sight
He was asked before the big bang in complete silence
To commit the sacrifice and split the essence
He was asked to split light from darkness living from dead
It was when there was only AHAD and AHAMAD
Creator the first and first creation
The stilly eternally ALLAH and the first living sensation

Be Aql : When we are
Me you and creator
Within this six sides occupying seven
Nor in hellish bellow nor in upper heaven
We occupy the center the heart of cosmos
With constant gain and continues loss
We gain by age by losing the time
Therefore BARZAKH wasting time by idle talk is great ignorance greatest crime
So let us talk about something good something about GOD
And let us today remove your veiled fibs and screens of fraud
So let us forget the body and think about the mind
Talk about the center not about our front and behind
Let us talk about now
Not about our past why
Nor about our future how

Barzakh : Idle talk and ignorance is classification of your mental process
I am the innate intuition without any emotional trauma and psychological distress
I am the BARZAKH the ever revealing veil
I grow my veil independent of your thought as your growing hair and growing nail
Who do you think controls your life giving breath
Who controls it when you sleep in your unconscious death
Is it your mind that gives you goosebumps the sixth sensory sensation
Or is it my BARZAKH with its innate impulsion
Therefore listen oh BE AQL
I am the screen of skin that are worn by every great and small
I am the BARZAKH the barrier that divides your brain
With your frontal lobe and your back side drain
I am the veil the screen of skin
I am the innate intuition of every man and jinn
I am here therefore there you be
For your every mental lock i am the key

Be Aql : I am above the rest i am the head
All are my slave yet as servant i wed
With service i enslave every limb every organ
I am the head the number one
I am servant of men yet all are my slave
From total loss of men it is i who alone can save
Yes it is i who save the drop and beget the sea
Yes i am the lock and you are the key
I am the lock because i can safeguard
I am the protected harem for every homeless herd

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